Factory Layout




Factory layout has a dramatic effect on the productivity of a manufacturing company. An effective factory layout improves workflow, highlights bottlenecks, reduces production time and makes production management more visible and much easier.

The major concern for most fabricators is that factory layout is normally carried out by machinery suppliers (who want to sell machinery) or profile suppliers (who want to sell profile). There is little independent advice available for fabricators who simply want a review of their layout and suggestions for improvements.

Tangram can provide this service at low cost for fabricators. As a general rule Tangram would recommend a new factory layout as part of a Manufacturing Strategy consultancy but this service can also be offered as a stand alone package.

The service will consist of the following stages:

Suitable for:

Fabricators who require an independent assessment of their factory layout.




The duration of the contract will be decided mutually after an initial visit and proposal has been made by Tangram. Rates for consultancy are available on request.


At client's factory, this consultancy may be run via a Systems Company for its fabricators or by Tangram for independent fabricators. Contact Tangram for details.