Project Management




Whenever we carry out a large job in a company it can generally be classed 'Project Management'. Common features of projects are : there is always a need to report on the project and tell people what we are doing, there is time pressure to complete the project and the success is critical to the success of the company. The management of projects is sometimes not carried out and as a result the projects are late for no apparent reason.

The essentials of project control are broad communication, team structure, progress reporting and the achievement of the relevant project milestones.

There is little independent advice available for manufacturers who simply want a review of their procedures and suggestions for improvements. Tangram can provide this service at low cost.

 The service will consist of the following stages:

Suitable for:

Manufacturers who require independent management of major projects or an assessment of their current processes.




 The duration of the contract will be decided mutually after an initial visit and proposal has been made by Tangram. Rates for consultancy are available on request.


 Various depending on the project to be managed. Contact Tangram for details.