Fabricator Health Check




As a fabricator and small business person you are on your own. The systems companies and other suppliers can provide a wealth of information that you can call on for assistance. Your staff and partners are there to provide advice and other information. Your bank manager and accountant are there to provide financial advice when you need it. So why is it so lonely at the top?

The reason is that none of these information suppliers can offer truly independent technical and managerial advice for your business. All of the information suppliers have either something to gain or something to lose depending on your actions. There is a lack of the outside, experienced and impartial advice on your business and this makes it lonely at the top.

Tangram Technology, in response to a need expressed by fabricators, has introduced a ‘Fabricator Health Check’ programme to allow owners and partners to review their current operations and to plan for the future. The Health Check consists of a structured review of the complete company operations (carried out once a year), the production of an action plan for the next twelve months and an interim visit to discuss progress and success.

The service can also provide advice on staff development (including your own), succession planning and any other subject that the fabricator wants to discuss during the reviews.

Subscription to the ‘Fabricator Health Check’ programme gives automatic access to the Tangram Technology Information and Telephone Service (which costs 400 per year as a separate item).

Suitable for:

Fabricators who feel the need for totally independent advice on a range of technical and management topics from an independent source.




The ‘Fabricator Health Check’ programme is subscription only on a yearly basis. This service is not available to non-subscribers. Yearly subscription is 1000 per year.