Information and Telephone Service





Plastics processors, systems companies and fabricators often face problems that are unusual or beyond their experience. These can stop a contract or even lose the job.

Examples of some typical questions are :

Can you provide me with an environmental impact statement?

What is the situation with regard to planning permission and listed buildings?

What requirements are there for planning permission when you want to put up a conservatory?

What is the response of PVC-U windows in fire and where can I find out more about this?

What is the maximum (or minimum) service temperature of PVC-U windows?

Tangram Technology provides an information service by telephone and fax to provide answers to any of these or similar questions. The service is by subscription only and this is payable yearly in advance. The subscription entitles you to access to the Tangram Technology database of information on questions such as these. As a single point of contact for technical queries Tangram Technology can provide data sheets for these and many more concerns that you might have.

Data sheets can be faxed to your office by return and these will allow you to provide definitive answers to your clients. This improves your response time and technical reputation.

Suitable for:

Systems suppliers, hardware companies or fabricators who require a rapid response to questions that are not within their normal operations.




Access is by subscription on a yearly basis. This service will not be available to non-subscribers. Yearly subscription is 400 per year.