Health and Safety Training




Course Background:

The rise in the complexity and volume of Health and Safety Legislation is enough to frighten even the professionals. The regulations are changing rapidly as new European legislation is adopted into British law and although many of the changes are simply adaptations of existing law there are also new laws being enacted. The Health and Safety Executive are very helpful and understanding but there are certain aspects of the regulations that you must know in order stay in business and they are one of the few organisations that can close you down instantly if you are not within the law.

The course is an introductory one designed to provide a basic understanding of the current Health and Safety Law, the responsibilities of Managers and Employees, the need for good practice in all areas and the need for appropriate documentation.

Suitable for:

Owners, Managing Directors, Production Managers, Foremen and those responsible for Health and Safety Management.

Course Content:

Topics covered include:


1 day - Comprehensive Lecture Notes provided.

Number of Participants:

Limited to 12 in total.


To be arranged, this course may be run by a company for clients or internal staff or by Tangram for independent companies. Please enquire for details.