Manufacturing Strategy Training




Course Background:

The efficient and effective management of production is essential in running a manufacturing company. The traditional flow line, based on the ideas of Henry Ford, has some advantages when many products of the same type are required ("any colour as long as it is black"), but there are now many other types of production methods that can be more suitable for window production where every product is unique.

Most of the manufacturing management in the industry today has heard of some of these ideas but does not have a framework in which to place the various ideas.

The course is designed to provide this framework and to stimulate ideas for dramatic manufacturing improvements.

Suitable for:

Owners, Managing Directors, Production Managers, Foremen in fabrication companies where dramatic improvements in manufacturing output and effectiveness are required.

Course Content:

The course covers all the new manufacturing concepts from MRPII through to OPT, including JIT and many other ideas that are current in the improvement of manufacturing around the world. Topics covered include:


1 day - Comprehensive Lecture Notes provided.

Number of Participants:

Limited to 12 in total, 2 per company recommended to give efficient transfer of knowledge back to the organisation.


To be arranged, this course may be run by a Systems Company for its fabricators or by Tangram for independent fabricators. Please enquire for details.