Quality Management Training




Course Background:

A quality management certification to ISO 9000 (formerly BS 5750) is rapidly becoming essential for window fabrication companies. This certification provides not only substantial marketing benefits (it is now a requirement for many local authority contracts and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the certification) but also improved management control of the business. Achieving ISO 9000 certification demands discipline and some hard work but there is nothing mysterious or difficult about it.

The course provides an introduction to Quality Management and the need for control of the process. The course provides the framework for deciding if ISO 9000 is for you and how to get certification if you think it is or simply improving quality via implementation of the basic common sense of Quality Management.

Suitable for:

Owners, Managing Directors, Production Managers in companies where Quality Management is needed to gain or retain market share or where Quality Management is needed to reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

Course Content:

Topics covered include:


1 day - Comprehensive Lecture Notes provided.

Number of Participants:

Limited to 12 in total.


To be arranged, this course may be run by a Systems Company for its fabricators or by Tangram for independent fabricators. Please enquire for details.