Statistical Process Control




Part 1: The Control Chart

Part 2: Control Chart Analysis

Course Background:

The management of quality is now regarded as one of the most critical factors in the survival of any manufacturing company. Without consistent quality the success of a company is certainly threatened. The old ideas of Quality Control were based on the inspector at the end of the production line desperately trying to inspect quality into the product. SPC is based on the prevention of defects by the operator and can give huge improvements in product quality and consistency as well as greatly reduced costs. SPC is relatively easy to implement in the techniques and despite the name there is very little mathematics involved - if you can add, subtract, multiply and divide then SPC is easy.

The course is in two sections (each of 1/2 day) designed to provide an introduction to the use of SPC and a later review (after 3-4 weeks) of progress and further training on interpretation of the results to date and areas for further progress.

Suitable for:

Owners, Managing Directors, Manufacturing Managers, Quality Control staff, Foremen in manufacturing companies where dramatic improvements in the consistency of manufacturing output and effectiveness are required.

Course Content:

The course covers the basics of SPC and how this can be applied and interpreted in the manufacturing environment.

Topics covered include:

Part 1: The Control Chart

Part 2: Control Chart Analysis


1 day in 2 sessions of 1/2 day each - Comprehensive Lecture Notes provided.

Number of Participants:

Limited to 12 in total.


To be arranged, this course may be run by an individual company for its own staff or by Tangram for independent companies. Please enquire for details.