Help Files / Expert Systems




Help files are the systems that the Windows based computer packages use to teach users how to use a programme. These also have some remarkable applications when their full capabilities are used. A Help file can run in the background when using a Windows programme or as a stand-alone application and can contain price lists, technical information, product drawings, answers to commonly asked questions, telephone lists, competitor information, in fact anything that you can put on to a computer can generally be put into a Help file. The files can be distributed to your customers, can be used internally or can be distributed to specifiers or customers.

Expert or "knowledge based" systems are a system of rules set up in the computer which allow you to solve problems or provide assistance to the user. Expert systems can be used for problem solving or prediction. They are useful when a strict system of rules can be written down for a problem which is then solved by following an electronic flow chart. For simple diagnostic systems a Help file can be created to lead the user through to the logical conclusion.

Tangram will carry out the production of Help files or expert systems for use by your organisation. For a demonstration of the usage of a Help file contact Tangram for our disc based product directory.

Multi-media presentations and Web site developments are also available.



 Further Information:

Contact Tangram for further information. For a demonstration of a Help file contact Tangram for our disc based product directory. For demonstration of a multimedia file ask for our presentation disk.

We can provide either a full system development or take your staff through the necessary systems management to allow them to create their own Help files and support services.