Public Relations and Article Generation




In the current market it is of vital importance to generate as much consumer confidence as possible for your company. One particularly effective way of doing this is to ensure favourable press coverage of your activities, especially those that are innovative and unusual. Tangram has a wealth of experience in the generation of press articles and technical reviews that can be used in this area. Press coverage such as this can be used to create a favourable image for your company that is not simply based on the tired old argument of price. Press coverage can be through local, regional and trade papers depending on the area of coverage required.

This area of publicity is often ignored by smaller companies and yet it is often cheaper and more effective than conventional advertising. Tangram can advise on the creation of a PR campaign and create the required material for the client.

In many cases there will be a need for the generation of newspaper or magazine articles as part of the overall campaign and Tangram can generate these to be approved and issued by the client as required.



 Further Information:

Contact Tangram for further information. We will discuss your needs with you and present a plan of action for gaining good PR and easy access to creating the right image for your company. Tangram works with established companies in the PR field and acts as the technical interface for your needs.