Quality Management Documentation




Getting BS EN ISO 9001 is not a difficult task for a fabricator with good control systems but it demands freedom from the daily demands of a job. The major difficulty for most fabricators is the writing of the Quality Manual and Quality Procedures to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001. Tangram Technology are experienced in the preparation of these documents and have prepared many in the past. This allows us to prepare fabricator specific manuals quickly and effectively for individual fabricators and to offer a very low cost service.

We offer a FIXED price service for the preparation of a basic quality manual and associated procedures to meet BS EN ISO 9001. Tangram Technology works with you until your documentation is ready for assessment.

The service costs only 4500 + VAT for a fabricator employing 5 to 50 people and consists of:

Tangram Technology does not provide the following in the fixed price:

This is a unique opportunity to fix the costs for BS EN ISO 9001 documentation and to have complete control over what you get for your money. The marketing advantages of certification alone should repay your investment. Cost reductions are also possible from decreases in rejects, call-backs and scrap. Improvements in quality, productivity and output have been found as a result on BS EN ISO 9001.

 Initial Visit:

An initial visit to discuss the process and give an initial consultation is the first step in the process. The initial visit will provide you with full information on what you need to do, how long it will take and any other information that you need.

 Further Information:

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