Field Service

Customer Set-up and Service

Tangram Technology has many years of experience in setting up fabricators and this is now available as a contract service. The systems company only pays for expensive field technicians when they are needed them rather than as an overhead. Field service can be treated as a variable rather than as a fixed cost. Regular visits or on-call visit services are also available. The systems company can monitor customer service costs and have control over this costly overhead.

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Information and Telephone Service

Systems companies and fabricators often face problems that are unusual or beyond their experience. These can stop a contract or even lose the job. The information service (by telephone or fax) provides answers to unusual problems via access to the Tangram Technology information database. We can provide data sheets for most concerns that you might have and these can be faxed to your office to allow you to provide definitive answers to your clients. This is a rapid, high quality response to concerns that you cannot answer.

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Fabricator Health Check

In response to a need expressed by fabricators, we have introduced a ‘Fabricator Health Check’ programme to allow owners and partners to review their current operations and plan for the future. The Health Check is a structured review of the complete company operations (carried out once a year), the production of an action plan for the next twelve months and an interim visit to discuss progress and success. The service can also provide advice on staff development (including your own), succession planning and any other subject that the fabricator wants to discuss during the reviews.

For truly independent technical and managerial advice for your business the Health Check is unbeatable.

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Mediation Services

Mediation is a new dispute resolution process. It is totally confidential and the parties involved are lead by Tangram to reach a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute. Mediation is neither negotiation nor arbitration but an entirely new process based not on confrontation and winners but on reaching a joint solution to a common problem. Mediation is quick to set up and run, inexpensive compared to a conventional court case, no risk and focuses on the future. Mediation is commercial reality.

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