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Manufacturing Strategy

The efficient and effective management of production is essential to a manufacturing company. The traditional flow line has advantages but there are now other types of production methods that more suitable for window production. The course gives a framework for these new manufacturing ideas and stimulates dramatic improvements. All the new manufacturing concepts from MRP II through to OPT are covered.

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Quality Management

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 is rapidly becoming essential for window fabrication companies. Certification brings marketing benefits with both local authorities and consumers and also improves control of the business. Achieving ISO 9001:2000 demands discipline and hard work but there is nothing mysterious or difficult about it. The course is an introduction to Quality Management and the need for the controls. It provides the framework for deciding if ISO 9001:2000 is for you and how to get certification or simply how to improve quality via Quality Management.

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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Quality is a critical factor in the survival of a manufacturing company, without it the success of the company is threatened. The old ideas were based on the inspector on the production line trying to inspect quality into the product. SPC is based on the prevention of defects by the operator and gives huge improvements in product quality and consistency and greatly reduced costs.

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Potential Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Design is normally carried out on the basis that the product will function and little effort is spent on assessing the way it can fail or the effects of failure. Potential Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) is used to assess designs and the modes of failure, the likelihood of failure occurring, the severity of the result should failure occur and the likelihood of detecting the failure once it has occurred.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Legislation is changing rapidly, many of the changes are minor but there are also new laws. The Health and Safety Executive are helpful but there are regulations you must know to stay in business - the HSE is one of the few organisations that can close you down instantly. The course gives a basic understanding of Health and Safety Law, the responsibilities of managers and employees and the need for good practice and appropriate documentation.

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Project and Design Management

Design and project management is critical for technology companies. There is often no management of the process and projects are ill-conceived and over budget. Design management has improved both in theory and practice recently and techniques are now available to control a project's progress. This seminar introduces control methods and the multi-functional team (matrix project management) to create the right conditions for 'simultaneous engineering'. The essentials of broad communication, team structure, progress reporting and milestones are covered in the seminar.

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