Technical Writing

Product Manuals and Technical Information

The creation and production of product manuals and technical information to back up your product for release to the market place can be carried out by Tangram. Technical staff are released to carry out the creative design and technical work whilst Tangram carries out the writing of the Product Manual or Technical Information. Achieve smooth product releases with all documentation ready to go with the product. Information is produced in a variety of layouts to improve readability and comprehension. Translation services can be provided for manuals written in other European languages.

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Specification Guides

Specification Guides are critical in gaining acceptance in the specification market and in obtaining opportunities to tender for large contracts. Tangram produces Specification Guides designed for the specifier which are more effective for generating new business. The guides meet the industry standard, attract and keep the attention of the specifier, inform him and provide him with facts rather than a collection of glossy pictures. Staff are freed from the time consuming labour of writing Specification Guides and have products ready to be specified earlier.

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Help Files and Expert Systems

Help files can contain price lists, technical information, product drawings, answers to commonly asked questions, telephone lists, competitor information, in fact anything that you can put on to a computer can generally be put into a Help file. The files can be distributed to your customers, can be used internally or can be distributed to specifiers or customers. Information is easily and rapidly accessible for all levels of the company, staff have consistent information provided from the Help file and can solve customer problems using Help files. Ask for a copy of the Tangram Technology on-line catalogue which is available in either Help file or multi-media format.

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Public Relations and Article Generation

Tangram can generate press articles and technical reviews for your company. Press coverage can create a favourable image that is not simply based on the tired old argument of price. Press coverage can be through local, regional or trade depending on the coverage required. This is often cheaper and more effective than conventional advertising. Where there is a need for the generation of newspaper or magazine articles as part of the overall campaign these can be generated, approved and issued as required.

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Quality Management and Documentation Service

A FIXED price service for the preparation of a basic quality manual and the associated procedures to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9000. Documentation all the way through to assessment and advice on modification and improvement of systems. The service costs only 4500 + VAT for a fabricator employing 5 to 50 people. Documentation is provided in hard copy and virus checked computer disc to an agreed format for maintenance in the future.

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Web Page Authoring Service

The rise in importance of the World Wide Web does not need to be explained. If you are reading these pages then you are already half-way there. If you would like your own pages developed or if you have pages but would like content developed for you to your standard format then Tangram can provide the information you need to add real technical information to your pages. We will provide all information in .HTML or .RTF format depending on your requirements. Contact Tangram direct for more information on this service.