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Easy Guides

Investing in the future
Articles on the critical investments that you will need to make in the future. Read it now to be prepared for your next investment. This is not dry financial stuff but information on the investment needed for manufacturing today.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Machinery - Plant & Equipment
Part 3: Materials - Products
Part 4: Methods - Procedures and Processes
Part 5: Manpower - People
Part 6: Measures - Performance

Easy Guides
Simple guides on topics of interest to managers and engineers. This is practical information about a range of topics - to act as a memory aid, a simple checklist or a very basic introduction.

Making a project - An easy guide
The Internet and World Wide Web - An easy guide
Overhead Cost Management - An easy guide
Overhead Cost Hit List - Things to do Next!
Materials Cost Management - An easy guide
Materials Costs Hit List - Things to do Next!
The problem solving toolkit - An easy guide
Managing your boss - An easy guide
Set-up Time Reduction - An easy guide
Report writing - An easy guide
Grammatical Checklist - An easy guide

Effective recruitment - An easy guide
Plastics Processing Methods - An easy guide
Metric System and Conversion Factors - An easy guide
Three Letter Acronyms - An easy guide

Managing Quality
Articles on how to implement ISO 9002 in a small factory. The series follows a window fabricator but is equally applicable to any type of factory.

Part 1: An introduction to ISO 9000
Part 2: The requirements of ISO 9002
Part 3: The procedures (Section 1)
Part 4: The procedures (Section 2)
Part 5: The procedures (Section 3)
Part 6: The procedures (Section 4)
Part 7: The procedures (Section 5)

Managing Costs
Articles designed to give you direct and clear information on some ways of looking cost information and some ideas for managing them. The series has been written specifically for plastics processors but most of the information is equally relevant to general business.

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Overhead costs
Part 3 - Materials costs






Material Futures
A series of articles on the possible new materials for the manufacture of window frames.

Part 1 - The Way Behind
Part 2 - The Way Ahead
Part 3 - The New Composites (1)
Part 4 - The New Composites (2)



Replacement Windows and Planning Law


The Cluetrain Manifesto


New Business Rules


Reducing Inventory for Fun and Profit


The Manager's Toolkit
A series of articles on new techniques for solving the problems that face modern managers.

Part 1 - The Basics
Part 2 - Looking after your vitals

Part 3 - Charting the progress

Part 4 - Scattering the problem
Part 5 - Go with the flow
Part 6 - Plotting for success

Part 7 - Studying capability

Part 8 - Mapping the mind

Market Developments

The fabricator
The systems supplier
It's all relative

The Valley of Death

The Rise of the Clones

Manufacturing Strategy
A series of articles for production managers in window fabrication outlining the new opportunities for manufacturing systems.

Part 1: Setting the strategy
Part 2: The systems and MRP II

Part 3: Just in time (1)

Part 4: Just in time (2)

Part 5: Just in time (3)

Part 6: Optimised Production Technology (OPT)

Part 7: A fundamental quality

Part 8: Quality management techniques & tools

Part 9: ‘There's no accounting for manufacturing strategy’

Part 10: Performance measurement

Part 11: Changing roles and things to do NOW!