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Tangram Technology works with many large plastics processing companies on energy management in their sites and one of the major blocks to progress is getting the staff involved in the process of energy management. One of our clients carried out a simple staff training process with all the staff at the site and the next month the energy usage decreased by 20%. A remarkable achievement for relatively little work and very little cost. Simply delivering a 60 minute training course reduced costs immediately and significantly.

Despite this, there are relatively few easily available resources in the area and we cannot be everywhere. We have developed this Workbook as a free resource and hope that it will be of some help to smaller processors who want to deliver a quick training course to their staff to start the journey towards energy management.

We are placing this training course in the public domain but all the contents remain the property of Tangram Technology Ltd.



Slide presentation for training course (English version)

Slide presentation for training course (Portuguese version)


Trainer notes for training course - PDF (1.8 Mb)

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