Manufacturing Strategy for Window Fabricators 13 - Things to do NOW!




You are carrying up to 35% of unnecessary costs through overheads and materials costs! A ‘Hit List’ of things to do now to improve manufacturing.

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Factory layouts

Incoming Goods/WIP/Inventory

Quality costs

Delivery of complete product


Energy usage

Compressed air usage





Purchasing and suppliers


Above all measure, display, analyse and act to improve the results.

'Manufacturing Strategy' Series.

The 'Manufacturing Strategy' series is designed to give window fabricators a set of ideas for managing production. The series is being published in Fenestra on a monthly basis and published here after the Fenestra publication. The series is:

Part 1: The Essential Part 
Part 2: The Systems
Part 3: Just-in-Time

Part 4: Optimised Production Technology

Part 5: Work Cells

Part 6: Machines
Part 7: Machines (2)

Part 8: Scheduling

Part 9: Waste (Methods)

Part 10: Waste (Materials)

Part 11: Supply Chain

Part 12: Measurement
Part 13: Things to do NOW!
Part 14: The Cost of Quality

Part 15: The Hidden costs of inventory

Part 16: Environmental management

Part 17: Continuous Improvement

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