Glazing - The Uncertain Future - A Route Map




Robin Kent - Tangram Technology Ltd.

The basics of a presentation made at Glassex 2003 at the National Exhibition Centre, UK.

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The glazing industry is changing rapidly as new drivers appear. The markets and issues will change to reflect the demands for sustainable development and continued profitability.

The key issue for the future will be increasing the total resource efficiency of windows and the major technique will be Cleaner Design. Cleaner Design concentrates on the complete life cycle of the product and provides the basis for improved resource efficiency, increased profits, and decreased environmental impacts. Implementing Cleaner Design will revitalise the way we do business and reduce the total cost of procurement for the window industry.

These changes will transform the industry - companies that are pro-active will benefit and prosper, reactive companies will see their competitive advantages and markets disappear. 

The signs are clear; the pressures are there - the only thing left is action.

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