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Plastics Profile Extrusion - R.J. Kent

(Tangram Technology Limited)

A Rapra Review Report comprises a concise expert overview of a key aspect of polymer science or technology supported by an extensive bibliography compiled from the Rapra Abstracts database.

The screw extender was one of the first machines to be developed for the plastics processing industry and is still one of the dominant processes used today. Screw extruders were initially developed at the start of the nineteenth century to produce lead pipes and were developed further at the end of that century to manufacture rubber products. Further development of the screw extruder occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century in order to utilise the new thermoplastic materials. Progress in extrusion in the last 20 years has been rapid and there is every indication that the process will continue to grow in importance in the future as we understand more about the science and technology of the process.

This review describes the changes in the industry over the last 5 years, concentrating on the screw extrusion process where the extruded product has a constant cross-section. Film and sheet production and pultrusion are not included in this review. Products and applications are reviewed in detail and major advances such as computer control, materials and speed and size issues are also covered. For general extruded products the issues are as much those of flexibility and control as those of significant new technological advances.

Topics included in this review are:

  • Single and twin screw extruders
  • Die and calibrator design
  • Downstream equipment
  • Controls, monitoring and fault finding
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Materials
  • Products
  • Environmental issues

Applications described in this review are: general profiles, pipe and tubing, waste and rainwater goods, gas and water distribution pipes, domestic water supply, corrugated pipe, foamed core and skinned pipes.

An additional indexed section containing some 500 references and abstracts from the Rapra Abstracts database provides many more examples of the applications of plastics profile extrusion.

Dr. Robin Kent is the managing director of Tangram Technology Ltd., a company which offers engineering consultancy services to the construction sector, particularly for plastic products and for windows and doors. Previously he has worked for Bardex Systems Ltd., Thermos Ltd., and REHAU Plastics Ltd. He has a degree in engineering and a postgraduate degree in polymer physics and has published widely in the field of plastics profiling. Dr. Kent is also an active participant of the Technical Committee of the British Plastics Federation Windows Group.

This report will be of interest to anyone who manufactures or uses plastic profiles.

Format: A4, perfect bound, soft backed, c 100 pages.

Published:1998. ISBN 1-85957-143-3

Price: UK 70, Overseas 75/US$ 130 to include airmail delivery

(Rapra Review Reports, Vol. 9, No. 8, Report 104, 1998).

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