Waste Minimisation in Glass Processing - Part 2
A Waste Walk Around and Action Plan




The second in a series of waste minimisation worksheets by Dr. Robin Kent for Envirowise to help the glass industry reduce costs through waste minimisation.

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The glass industry can save substantial amounts of money by simply not wasting it!

The walk-around

Waste is all around us. Some companies put up signs urging staff to ‘STOP WASTE’, most people would stop waste if only they knew where to find it. The signs should really read ‘FIND WASTE’ - only after finding the hidden waste can you really start to stop it. The first step in waste minimisation is to start to find the inevitable waste in the business and the best tool for this is the ‘waste walk-around’. A ‘walk-around’ is designed to gain an overview of the processes and to identify some rapid no-cost or low-cost improvements to save money.

The survey should be carried out as soon as possible - waste is happening now and it is costing money now. Take an unannounced walk around the site at mid-shift. If there is no night shift, it can also be profitable to take a walk around the factory when there is no production being carried out. Always look in the skips as a first step - it is an excellent starter for locating waste!

Simple no-cost and low-cost ideas

Eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle

The waste ‘hierarchy’ is vital to save the most money: first eliminate the source of waste, then reduce the amount of waste, then re-use any waste that does arise, then recycle the waste and only when these have been eliminated should we dispose of the waste.

The waste hierarchy

A process flow chart showing some of the typical inputs and outputs during glass processing

Materials management




Other measures

The action plan

"Waste Minimisation in Glass Processing" Series.

The "Waste Minimisation in Glass Processing" series is designed to give glass processors an insight into how to minimise wasting  valuable resources. The series is being published in Glass Age on a monthly basis and published here after the Glass Age publication. The series is:

Part 1: The Business Reasons 
Part 2: A Waste Walk Around and Action Plan (This Section)
Part 3: Assessing Performance

Part 4: Improving Performance

Part 5: Waste Minimisation Tools


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