Waste Minimisation in Glass Processing - Part 4
Improving Performance




The fourth in a series of waste minimisation worksheets by Dr. Robin Kent for Envirowise to help the glass industry reduce costs through waste minimisation.

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The process

Improving performance to reduce waste in any company means changing ‘the way we do things around here’ and the best process is to use some ‘fast starts’ to convince people that it is worth the effort.

A typical 5 step process is:

1. Gather the information.

Information is needed to find the ‘fast starts’ in the business. Gather the information available in the company (see last month’s article) before starting to prioritise the ‘fast starts’

2. Identify the priorities

Using the information, find some major sources of waste and identify the priority areas. These may be the largest quantities or the highest net costs. It is best to focus on areas with the largest financial savings and where there are practical ideas for making changes.

In one day you should be able to identify potential actions to make ‘fast start’ savings and to put them in order of priority.

3. Make the first savings

Make a ‘fast start’ action plan. The plan should involve the ‘front line’ staff because they have first hand knowledge of the processes and know the ways to make them better. The action plan should include some simple measuring systems to quantify the results.

Start the plan and regularly review progress against the aims.

4. Measure the savings

Use the measuring systems to demonstrate quantified savings and record the measurements for reference.

5. Achieve more savings

Carry out progress reviews to provide evidence that waste reduction is worth the commitment and effort. Use the evidence to extend the operations.

Improving performance is not a ‘quick technology fix’. It is a continuous process of attention to detail and holding the gains.

The ‘fast start’ areas



Delivery and storage


Glass handling and processing

Glass recycling

Packaging waste

Washing and finishing


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"Waste Minimisation in Glass Processing" Series.

The "Waste Minimisation in Glass Processing" series is designed to give glass processors an insight into how to minimise wasting  valuable resources. The series is being published in Glass Age on a monthly basis and published here after the Glass Age publication. The series is:

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Part 2: A Waste Walk Around and Action Plan
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Part 4: Improving Performance  (This Section)
Part 5: Waste Minimisation Tools


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