Benefits of Using Tangram Technology.

You pay for results as you need them.

Any market dealing with the consumer is always under price pressure but the plastics processing market is under even more pressure due to general over-capacity. More companies than ever are recognising the need to reduce overheads and fixed costs. They are seeking to replace fixed costs with variable resources which are used and paid for only when required.

Tangram Technology provides these resources as and when needed so that costs are controllable. There are no fixed overheads or other costs when you use Tangram Technology.

This is the future for many companies as the pressure in today’s marketplace is on overheads and fixed costs. If these can be reduced and controlled companies can get in front of the trend and leave the competition behind. Reduce your costs now before they reduce you!

Tangram Technology provides the ideal answer:

  • Highest quality variable cost service and resources.

  • Designed specifically for companies in the plastics processing industry.

  • At a fraction of what it would cost to provide the same resources within the company.

A New Resource

Your resources have just expanded

Tangram Technology is a resource for the plastics processing industry. It provides high level skills that are not widely available in the industry. Tangram Technology can provide services to clients and their customers which in the past used expensive internal resources.

Tangram Technology can provide the following services :

  • Site surveys for energy and sustainability management. We provide the expert input to your energy and sustainability management programmes.

    Practical, industry specific and cost effective.

  • Assistance in the development and implementation of management systems in energy and sustainability management, manufacturing strategy, quality systems or Health and Safety management systems to meet the latest regulations and requirements.

    Practical, industry specific and cost effective.

  • Training for plastics processors that would not be otherwise available. Tangram Technology provides standard courses but will also develop special courses or run standard courses specifically for you or your customers.

  • Development of technical literature to back-up or sell your products. These can range from complex product manuals to specification guides or internal training information. All designed for your needs and on demand.

Robin Kent

Dr Robin Kent

Dr Kent has a B.Eng. (Hons.) in Materials Engineering from Monash University (Australia) and a Ph.D. in Polymer Physics from the University of Surrey (UK).

Dr Kent has been involved with plastics processing since 1971 in a variety of sectors ranging from extrusion to injection moulding. He has wide experience in product design, having worked as Technical Director for several of the major plastics processing and window systems companies in UK and Europe. Since 1995 he has specialised in energy management for industry and as an independent consultant, he has carried out energy surveys and assessments on over 500 companies throughout the world.

His publications include over 550 technical and management articles and papers on plastics and windows and 12 books on plastics processing. He regularly lectures on energy and sustainability management in plastics processing and materials technology throughout the world. He has chaired 5 committees setting standards for the UK plastics and window industry and is a regular judge for major plastics industry awards.

Dr Kent is a past Chairman of the Plastics Consultancy Network ( – the foremost grouping of plastics consultants in the world.

Dr Kent is a Fellow of the Energy Institute (, a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Energy Manager.

Dr Kent is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Horners ( and Freeman of the City of London.

Dr Kent was awarded the Plastics Industry Awards 2010 ‘Personal Contribution’ award for his work as ‘a champion of energy efficiency and for helping numerous processors to make savings through better energy use’.

Dr Kent was awarded the British Plastics Federation Gold Medal 2023 for his contribution to the BPF and the British plastics industry.

“Never happier than when in ‘safety boots, ears and a bump hat’ underneath a machine trying to find out how it can be made more efficient”. Some mysteries never lose their thrill.

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