• Continually improving the quality of everything we do.
  • Creating a supportive climate in which individual contributions are valued and where excellence is both the norm and the expectation.
  • Becoming an internationally respected technical consultancy for energy and sustainability management in the plastics products sector.

With this in mind we will always aim to work to the following principles.


Self development

  • Continuous improvement in all our actions and in all aspects of our business, unrestricted by the existing way of doing things. “We have always done it this way” are the most dangerous words in any language.
  • Developing individual contributions through a focus on training and the expansion of individual capability.
  • Delegation and involvement in discussion and decision making particularly in those areas in which each of us can effectively contribute.
  • Agreeing clear and achievable objectives and providing meaningful feedback on performance.
  • Providing challenging work and responsibility and making Tangram Technology a place where long term job satisfaction can be achieved.

Self responsibility

  • Encouraging self-discipline, self responsibility and self-motivation in an environment of collective responsibility, each of us being conscious of our own responsibilities, the needs of others and the impact of our actions on others.

Team spirit

  • Developing a spirit of creativity, flexibility, openness, trust, tolerance and excellence.
  • Recognising that everyone has a valued contribution to make but that this contribution can be most effective within a team spirited atmosphere.
  • Consulting and supporting others to achieve our common goals.
  • Building an organisation with which we can all identify and to which we all feel commitment and pride.


  • Open channels of communication within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, so that we all know what is happening in the organisation, how we are performing and what we plan.
  • The free flow of information and views, upward, downward and across the company.
  • Encouraging and assisting everyone to gain a broad understanding of what we do, of customer needs and the global industry needs.


  • Regard for the environment, our community and workplace in all our actions.

These are important and desirable principles for us all. By working with goodwill and intent to implement them, we can achieve an excellent working environment and achieve the goals of Tangram Technology.

We are committed to leaving the world a better place, or, in other words, ‘Saving the world, one plastics factory at a time’. We also want to have fun and learn a lot doing this. These are not incompatible goals.