Tangram Technology is a technical consultancy and product design is at the heart of what we do. As a company we have many years experience in the design of window systems, components and accessories for all areas of the PVC-U market.

Our experience ranges from complete new systems to modifications to existing systems to bring them up to date in this rapidly changing marketplace. We are experienced in the design of all types of systems including casement windows, tilt and turn windows, fully reversible windows, residential and patio doors and conservatory systems.

Tangram staff have carried out design projects and the management of these for a variety of major UK and European window systems companies. These projects have become major components of the business of the clients and Tangram is recognised as a leader in the design of window and curtain wall components.

The service can consist full management of the design process from concept development through to initial sample approval or any part of the design process in between these stages. Tangram can offer an ‘ideas evaluation’ service where a concept is reviewed by Tangram and suggestions for improvement made. This can use the experience of Tangram to develop the product faster and more economically.

Suitable for :

Systems suppliers, hardware companies or fabricators who require independent design capability for the development of window systems or components.

Features :

  • Projects well defined and well managed.

  • Projects delivered on time and to budget.

  • Improved output from your valuable and costly technical staff.

  • Progress on projects clearly visible and managed. Products ready for release on time.

  • Assistance from initial project management through to complete implementation.

Benefits :

  • Lower staff overheads and fixed costs.

  • Project costs under control.

  • Return on investment is quicker.

Duration :

The duration of the contract will be decided mutually after an initial visit and proposal has been made by Tangram. Rates for consultancy are available on request.

Venue :

Various depending on the project to be managed. Contact Tangram for details.