Customer Set-up and Service




Tangram Technology has many years of experience in the setting up of window fabrication companies and this is now available to systems companies as a contract service. This service means that the systems company only pays for expensive field technicians when they are needed them rather than as an overhead at all times. Tangram offers the service of a customer set-up as if it were the systems company itself that were doing the set-up. Our response time is part of the service contract and this ensures that service levels to customers are maintained or improved.

In the current market, where the control of overheads is becoming a vital factor in the profitability of any systems company this service enables the systems company to treat field service as a variable rather than as a fixed cost.

Field service can also be provided on an ongoing basis to continue the high quality service that fabricators now demand from systems companies. This service can take the form of regular visits (on a contract to perform visits at a set frequency) or on-call visits (where each visit would be charged individually). This approach to Field Service allows the systems company to monitor the cost of servicing each customer and to have true control over this costly overhead.

Tangram can provide the full range of technical customer management services required by a systems company at a truly variable and controllable cost.

Suitable for:

Systems suppliers or hardware companies field service requirements.




The duration of the support service is to be mutually agreed after a proposal has been made by Tangram. Rates are available on request.